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Car Accident Pain Relief

Here at Rush Chiropractic & Rehab, we can help relieve the pain before it becomes excruciating for you to get along with your normal life. We offer proper relief which will help you heal without any sequel and make you feel great again!

The most common accidents are collisions of vehicles, followed by fall and sports injuries. These accidents might bring several injuries like sprains; mainly known as whiplash, contusion, low back pain, or torn ligaments; each of these injuries requires different treatments and relief. In a lot of cases, neck pain is accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vertigo, numbness, and pain in the upper limbs. Many of these injuries do not require surgery, but major fractures can result in long-term problems unless being treated timely and efficiently. If you experience any of the previous symptoms, have pain for more than a few days or if the pain is strong, please make an appointment with Dr. Rush as soon as possible, we assure you will receive appropriate rehabilitation to relieve the stiffness every time you try to do something.

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