Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines

When Kristin* first started experiencing migraines in 2016, she thought they were simply a symptom of exhaustion. Between her hectic work schedule and raising a toddler, self care often fell by the wayside, and Kristin assumed that once she had more time to rest, the migraines would go away.

Kristin mentioned the migraines to her primary care doctor, and he prescribed a medication that seemed to help, but it also made her feel dizzy and tired, which was almost as debilitating as the migraines themselves.

Managing Migraines Without Medication

After five years of experiencing migraines at least once or even up to four times a month, Kristin decided it was time to try something new. She asked her friends for advice, and one of them recommended Dr. Rush. At first, Kristin was unsure about going to a chiropractor for anything other than back pain, but she decided to give it a try.

Like Kristin, many adults believe migraines are incurable. They try to push through the pain, but since migraines and other headaches can be completely debilitating, this is not a viable long-term solution.

severe headaches

If you’re experiencing migraines or other severe headaches, consider visiting an experienced Pembroke Pines chiropractor. We have a variety of treatment and diagnostic tools to help us identify the root cause of your pain and help you find relief.

Common Causes of Migraine

When Kristin first visited Dr. Rush, she talked through her symptoms and explained that migraines tended to show up more often when she was stressed or hadn’t been getting enough sleep.

While completing a full examination, Dr. Rush noticed her shoulder and neck muscles were extremely tense, and he also identified some hypomobile points in her back. Through his examination and conversations with Kristin, Dr. Rush was able to rule out a connection to a traumatic event like a car accident, which could cause whiplash, pinched nerves, or a concussion.

He explained to Kristin that she was experiencing primary headaches, meaning that her migraines were not linked to another medical condition. He also shared that the majority of primary headaches are associated with muscle tension in the neck.

fatigue and stress

While fatigue and stress were likely triggering some of that muscle tension, they were not the root cause, and Dr. Rush felt confident that he could help Kristin decrease the frequency and severity of her migraines with chiropractic treatment.

He encouraged her to start taking her migraine medication only for emergencies, until eventually she would no longer need it as the other treatment methods started to take effect.

The Problem with Migraine Medication

Kristin was relieved to learn that she could find some relief from her migraines without needing to try new medications.

Dr. Rush explained that migraine medication only masks the pain and can’t provide lasting relief. In fact, as you continue to rely on pain medication, your body will develop a tolerance to it, and you’ll have to take higher and higher doses in order to experience the same results.

For some people, regularly taking acute migraine medication can actually lead to a condition called Medication Overuse Headache, which causes even more frequent migraine attacks.

Chiropractic Treatments for Migraine

Once Dr. Rush had a better understanding of Kristin’s migraine triggers and causes, he worked with her to develop a treatment plan that would help her find relief while easing off on her migraine medication.

First, Dr. Rush performed a chiropractic adjustment/spinal manipulation to help restore Kristin’s range of motion in her back, which would in turn help her to sit and move properly in a way that would place less strain on her neck and shoulders. Kristin was surprised to realize that the mild back pain and stiffness she’d experienced since her pregnancy was linked to her migraines, and she was thrilled to feel relief so quickly.

Next, Dr. Rush used electrical muscle stimulation to help relieve some of Kristin’s muscle tension. This involved sending mild electrical pulses into targeted spots to help loosen Kristin’s neck and shoulder muscles and reduce her pain.

Finally, Dr. Rush gave Kristin some practical steps she could implement in her daily life to help prevent migraines before they begin. He encouraged her to use hot and cold therapy with ice or a heating pad to soothe her sore muscles after a long, stressful day. Kristin also learned some physical therapy exercises to help strengthen her core, improve her mobility, and stretch to prevent further muscle tension.

migraine treatment methods

Depending on the type of migraine or headache a patient experiences and the suspected causes, Dr. Rush may also use treatment methods including:

  • Massage
  • Instrument Soft Tissue Release Treatment
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Healing Joint Fixations

With these strategies, along with regular visits to Dr. Rush for adjustment, Kristin watched her migraines decrease in frequency and severity over the course of several months. She gradually stopped taking her migraine medication and was relieved to see her dizziness and fatigue improve as a result.

Find Relief Without the Harmful Side Effects

At the end of November, Kristin realized she’d gone an entire month without a migraine for the first time in five years. She wished she had sought out chiropractic treatment sooner, but she’s thrilled to be living with significantly less pain and difficulty.

If you’ve been experiencing migraines or other debilitating headaches, don’t wait to get help. Migraines rarely go away on their own, and often increase in severity over time, so today is the best possible time to start treating them.

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