Chiropractor for Automobile Accident Injuries

“In that Moment, The Bones in My Neck Felt Like Jello”

Pembroke Pines resident Sam wasn’t a stranger to chiropractic treatment. He’d suffered intermittent back pain from a young age and had visited chiropractors for it throughout his life – both in Eastern Europe and the United States. 

Which was why, when he got into a car accident that nonetheless caused some painful injuries, Sam knew right away he had to see a chiropractor. 

“I wasn’t sitting very straight in the car,” Sam explains. “My head jerked back and hit the headrest, and in that moment, the bones in my neck felt like jello. My whole back was knocked out of place.”

As soon as he could, Sam went online and searched for a chiropractor in Pembroke Pines. Rush Chiropractic was close to where he lived, and the ratings and reviews were glowing. So he made an appointment. 

From his very first appointment, Sam was impressed.

“I’d seen a lot of chiropractors for my back problems over the years, so I knew what I was looking for,” he says. “The first appointment, we did an X-ray and a very mild adjustment of my neck and middle back. Then Dr. Rush suggested I get an MRI of my neck.” 

The MRI showed more details about Sam’s injuries. Dr. Rush noticed that two of his discs were swollen and out of place. 

Ordinarily, this would be considered permanent neck damage that can’t be treated,” Sam said. 

But Dr. Rush was confident. He started Sam on regular treatment using a decompression machine—a computerized traction device that stretches the cervical spine using gentle, steady pressure to realign and create space between vertebrae, allowing dislocated cervical discs to slip back into place. 

Within a few appointments, Sam’s neck was feeling noticeably better. And the treatment began to have some unexpected effects. In addition to relieving the pain in his neck, Sam noticed that his pinky finger, which had become numb after the accident began to regain feeling after his fifth decompression session. And that wasn’t all. 

Reflective red triangle to point out a car crash

“I’d been trying to learn some new things for work, but I was having memory issues,” Sam says. “I was struggling to retain what I’d learned.” 

But as his treatments went on, Sam found it was easier to learn and remember new concepts for work.  

“I could visualize what I learned more easily and my memory improved a lot,” he says. “I began to see these improvements soon after I started decompression.” 

Perhaps the most unexpected result, however, was that Sam became pretty sure he was growing taller. 

“This probably has to do with posture and alignment,” Sam said. “But now I sit straighter and don’t slouch. And one day I noticed that my hair was brushing the ceiling of my car when I drove. That never happened before. Even my fiancée noticed it.” 

Perhaps most importantly, though, Sam is now pain-free. 

His neck and back pain have dissipated, as have the regular morning headaches he used to get after the accident. 

“Dr. Rush is so friendly and knowledgeable,” Sam says. “I always feel welcome to ask questions, and he helps out in any way he can. 

There were even times when Dr. Rush would call my attorney to answer a question outside his knowledge, or get in touch with my insurance company. He did more than his job.” 

“If you’re experiencing any sort of pain in your back or neck, don’t wait for it to get better on its own, because it probably won’t,” Sam says. “I think it’s very important to overall wellbeing to have your spinal column in good condition.” 

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If you’re experiencing pain from injuries sustained in a car accident, an experienced chiropractor can help. 

Dr. Rush has treated many patients injured in car accidents – from relatively mild fender-benders to more serious accidents such as roll overs – and specializes in gentle adjustments to realign the spine, retrain supporting muscles, heal deep-tissue injuries, and eliminate pain. 

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