How A Car Accident Causes Body Pain

“I Got Immediate Pain Relief After Every Appointment”

Craig first experienced back problems when he was in the military.

“I jumped off the top of a tank and hit the ground hard, and that was my first injury,” he says. “When my time in the military expired, the back pain continued and I never got compensation for my treatment.”

After his time in the military ended, Craig was on his own to find a way to treat his back pain. He found Dr. Rush through a Google search and liked the fact that his office was close to where Craig worked in Pembroke Pines.

Dr. Rush developed a treatment plan for Craig, and it got results – after a few months of treatment, Craig’s pain was resolved. He thought he could put his days of back pain behind him.


And Then Craig Got in a Car Accident  

All that changed, however, when Craig got into a car accident.

“Someone pulled out in front of me on a Pines Boulevard and I had no time to stop,” Craig says. “I plowed into him. The seatbelt grabbed me and the airbag blew up and I had back, shoulder and neck issues from the crash.”

Before the accident, Craig was an active person who loved to play golf and basketball. After the accident, his pain stopped him from playing the sports he loved. And it also interfered with his daily life.

Unable to Play Sports Due to an Automobile Accident

“I couldn’t really use my left hand,” Craig says. “I couldn’t sleep on my left side, and I couldn’t lift anything above shoulder height. I would have muscle spasms that lasted days.”

Craig’s mobility and quality of life were severely affected by the pain from his accident. So he went back to Dr. Rush, who took a look at his injuries and immediately put him on a treatment plan that included both manual adjustments and traction.

Dr. Rush told Craig that his severe shoulder spasms were being caused by a pinched nerve in his neck. And from the first appointment, Craig found that Dr. Rush’s adjustments brought him immediate pain relief.

“Sometimes after my appointment, I’d go home and sleep for an hour because I felt so relaxed,” Craig says.

Throughout his treatment, Dr. Rush made himself readily available and that made a huge difference for Craig. “I knew I could call him and get a same-day appointment, no problem at all,” he says. “I would get immediate relief from the pain at every appointment. And when the pain started up again, I always knew I could go back right away.”

As time went on, Craig could go longer and longer between appointments. And this made a huge difference to him, because Craig wanted to avoid surgery or over-reliance on pain medication.


A Safer and Healthier Way to Relieve Low Back Pain

“When you go under the knife, you’re rolling the dice,” he says. “I wanted to avoid surgery and I also wanted to stay away from strong painkillers.”

Dr. Rush’s holistic approach felt safer and healthier. And they got great results.

“I get better sleep, I can play golf and basketball, and I feel as good as ever without any pain,” Craig says. “At this point, I rarely have back problems, and if I do, it’s because I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing.”

“If you’re an athlete, go to Dr. Rush,” he adds. “He’s been an athlete too, so he understands. I’ve been to at least seven other chiropractors who didn’t get great results and tried to sell me something, but Dr. Rush isn’t a sales guy. He’s a doctor, and he gets results.”

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