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Craig Was Suffering From Lower Back Pain

Craig has lived in the Pembroke Pines area for the past 25 years. He works as an accountant and loves to play softball at Tanglewood Park with his grandkids.

But a few years ago, Craig started experiencing chronic lower back pain.

“I think it started with my office chair,” Craig says. “My office isn’t the most ergonomic, and I started experiencing pain in my lower back after sitting all day at work.”

Over time, the pain got worse. After a while, Craig was unable to play softball with his grandkids—or even do other, less strenuous activities with them.

“I was experiencing pain in weird places, like in my legs,” Craig says. “I was also feeling numbness, tingling, and weakness that seemed to radiate out from a spot in my lower back.”

“The pain got so bad that after a while, all I could do was lie on the floor with an ice pack on my back,” Craig says. “My low back pain and all the other symptoms were really affecting my quality of life.”


Meet Dr. Brian Rush

A friend recommended Dr. Rush to Craig.

“I was hesitant about going, because I’ve never visited a chiropractor before,” Craig says. “But Dr. Rush seemed really knowledgeable. I decided to give chiropractic a try.”

Many of Dr. Rush’s clients experience back pain due to sitting for long periods of time in an unhealthy static posture. Sitting for long stretches can put serious stress on the spinal discs and the musculature of the back.

“Now I Can Live a Normal Life Without Pain”

Dr. Rush’s treatment plan involved a combination of manual adjustment, therapeutic exercise, and gentle motorized traction.

Craig noticed an improvement in his pain symptoms after the first visit. And over time, his pain alleviated to the point where his mobility was greatly improved—and he could play a greater role in his grandkids’ lives.

“I remember sitting through a play at my grandchild’s school, where my grandkid had one of the lead roles,” Craig says. “I was able to sit through the entire play without pain. That was a revelation to me.”

After several months of visiting Dr. Rush consistently, Craig was back in the park, playing softball with his grandkids—and doing the other activities he loved.

“I still go back to Dr. Rush periodically, just to address any issues before they get out of hand,” Craig says. “But now I can live a normal life without pain. Being able to play a big part in my grandkids’ lives means the world to me.”


Experiencing Lower Back Pain? A Knowledgeable Chiropractor Can Help

Dr. Rush has treated hundreds of clients with low back pain, helping them regain their mobility and get back to the activities they love. He can help you, too.

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