How a Pembroke Pines Chiropractor Can Help You After a Car Accident

Even minor car accidents can cause serious injuries that can linger in the weeks and months after the event, especially soft-tissue and musculoskeletal injuries in the spine, back, and neck.

These injuries can be vastly improved with help from a skilled chiropractor. If you’re suffering from lingering pain and mobility issues after a car accident, recent or not, here’s how a chiropractor can help you.

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We Start with a Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

At the beginning of your treatment, you’ll meet with the chiropractor and provide details about the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Your chiropractor will perform a thorough examination, taking digital X-rays in the office and assessing both orthopedic and neurological issues to develop a full picture of your current state of health. You may be referred to an outside facility for an MRI.

Then We Develop a Tailored Treatment Plan

Once your chiropractor has a full picture of your injuries and the underlying cause, they will develop a treatment plan.

Car accidents can injure both joints and connective tissue, and it’s not unusual for underlying deep-tissue injuries to create hypomobility problems in the joints – which contributes to long-lasting chronic pain and mobility issues. 

By restoring proper alignment, your chiropractor can help repair injured joints, spur blood flow to injured areas, and expedite healing and recovery.

Neck and spine injuries are particularly common in car accidents, including bulging and herniated discs. These are often difficult to treat in more traditional settings, but chiropractic treatment includes a method specially designed to gently heal these injuries: spinal decompression therapy.


At Rush Chiropractic and Rehab, we use a computerized traction unit to help decrease disc pressure from a bulging or herniated disc.

With this treatment, we increase the space between vertebrae gently and slowly, without putting undue stress on injured joints. This gives displaced discs the space to move naturally back to their proper position.

If You Need Additional Help, You’ll Get It

At Rush Chiropractic and Rehab, we collaborate with other healthcare providers and can draw on a vast network of referrals – building a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all of our patients’ needs.

That network even includes legal help, which is particularly relevant to patients who have been in car accidents. If you are looking for an attorney, we can recommend several whom we trust that specialize in injury law.


Call an Experienced Car Accident Chiropractor

Dr. Rush specializes in treating car accident victims suffering from back, neck, spine, and deep-tissue injuries. If you’re experiencing ongoing pain from a car accident—whether recently or far in the past—we can help. 

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